Making the best of life in isolation

Too much has happened this year and we are only halfway through it; I feel like we went to sleep one night and woke up to the first six months gone. There is no denying that this time has been difficult for everyone all over the world but the hardest part is we do not know where to from here and if things are going to get better or worse therefore we prayer for the best. We are hopeful that soon everything will go back to normal although we understand that it will never be the same again, we still want to hold on to a bit of what used to be our life.

Who can blame us for wanting that? I miss the feeling of being outside and breathing in fresh air while admiring the beauty of nature but mostly I miss the days when walking out of your house to go to the mall was not a health risk. I am not particularly an outgoing person, but I do miss the few times that I could convince myself to go out and be with other people. During this lockdown period I have managed to control my anxiety, and this is what I wanted to share with you today. A few months back when I started this blog, I was suffering from major anxiety attacks and my emotions were always on a roller coaster whereby I would have really high highs and very low lows there was never in between. I felt like I had no control over myself and as if Leticia had finally won.

You see Leticia has always been bossy and has made me miserable most of my life but the last few months she was just on a whole other level, she kept stepping it up and I just gave in to the self-doubt, breakdowns and fear. I behaved as if I was enslaved by her, but I was only standing in the way of myself getting better. I wanted to be better and to do better but I did know where to start or how do that until one morning I started writing my book. I know you are probably confused; you see when I have nothing to do, I have enough time on my hands to worry, overthink, and self-criticize. Now I had something else to do, something I am very passionate about, when writing I enter a whole new world. A world where I feel like myself and a world where anything is possible then for a change, I think about something other than myself. I think about the people, places, and plots in my head and when I use my imagination there is no room for worry. Obviously writing a novel takes a lot of time and focus that is all it took along with lots of herbal tea plus meditation.


I feel great again and I feel like Leticia still stops by once in a while but not as often anymore because now I have new friends, my beautiful tumbled stones, why didn’t anyone tell me how having crystals could change your life? They are beyond amazing. I began my collection with three an Aquamarine, a Jet stone and a Charoite, they have been a great use for meditation, attracting positive energy, keeping me in a calm state of mind and has helped with my insomnia as well. I have now ordered stones more to add to my newly found obsession. This is how I have been keeping myself occupied with all of the time that I have on my hands.


I even took on a little project of redoing my Instagram feed to work on my aesthetics because as brand you have to represent yourself well for your brand and following to grow. I am having fun trying to create different flat lays since they are the in thing now but let me also point out that  content creation is difficult, there is so much work that you need to put it first you need to prepare for the kind of content you want to create, capture the pictures, edit them to fit in to your existing feed, plan your posts ahead and make sure you follow your schedule. All of this done on a weekly basis is tiresome but very rewarding and once you get a hang of the basics you learn to enjoy what you are doing. We all know how social media presence is a big deal lately that is why I have been working hard to make an impression that will last with the networks, I am creating for myself as a brand and on a personal level. Hence I will be doing a live session on Instagram on the 7th of August 2020 as I will be launching my new book “She lives to conquer” which is now available on Amazon.

This is also why I will be featured on BARE a blog which gives a voice to Black women from all walks of life by a fellow proud black and talented woman on the 14th of August 2020 in celebration of Women’s month, I am excited to be part of this initiative because it celebrates the power of being a woman and not only is it about that but also about empowerment and fellow sisters uplifting each other. I hope that you will check it out and I will be sure to share the link with you as soon as the blog post is up or you can just follow BARE to get it in real-time.

I agree that times are tough, but I have found ways on how to make the best out of the situation at hand and so far, I have to say I keep winning. I have completed a lot of projects this year than I have in my entire adult life and I am very proud. Leticia and I are not exactly on speaking terms at the moment and I have to admit that I am okay with that because for once in my life I look good and actually do feel good.

I am back with regular blog updates and I sure did miss you. Speak again soon until then stay home, stay positive but most importantly stay safe.

Love and light to you and yours