“Earth To Self”

I am making this entry with an empty plate laid in front me because I just had one of my favorite meals, a friend of mine is saying something and from her facial expression I can tell that it is interesting. I am however lost in my own mind and all I do is just nod and smile because I am too embarrassed to ask her to repeat what she was saying.

It would be rude as it will show that I was not paying attention. This somehow happens to me frequently, I have these moments I like to call “little trance” where I go into a state of trance by not doing anything at all, whereby everything because a blank stare and only my body is present in the moment.

I have a couple of thoses a day and it has got me wondering if I am losing my mind or is everyone else also is experiencing this? It happens at the most random times, for instance I was working on my computer earlier while staring at the screen my brain just switched off and with the ringing of my telephone I came to. Or when you are listening to your favorite song and suddenly you are out and you miss the part that you like then you realize that you missed the entire song because your mind was elsewhere.

It’s as if my mind is operating on autopilot and I have no control of where my mind wonders of to unlike daydreaming my mind just goes to sleep so to speak.

This has brought me to a conclusion that we really do not need to go to extreme measures for us to be able to trance, all you need to do is focus enough and your brain will handle the rest. If only I was that good at meditation too, not all of this business where one minute my mind is calm and still then all of a sudden I am thinking about the last slice of pizza I didn’t finish LOL!

Be that as it may I still meditate as often as I should to keep Leticia in check and honestly we have been doing quite well.

How’s it going with y’all?

Remember to stay safe and blessed.

Sending you love and light xx