Going into Women’s month I decided to do it in style by launching my debut book titled “She lives To Conquer” which is a first of many projects for me as an author. Writing this book was a beautiful experience because it gave me an opportunity to share a part of me with the world but also gave me an opportunity to pass on a message of hope to a world of readers out there.

She lives to conquer is a novel about a young lady growing up in a South African township, the book explores her struggles with poverty, mental health, a loss of a loved one, friendship, relationships and an overview of what it feels like being a Black woman living in South Africa. I am hoping to use it as a tool to open up and create spaces to have the most uncomfortable conversations that are pertaining to women and their struggles, conversations which are being avoided or rather ignored because no one is brave enough to face them.


This book is not only based on fiction, but it includes real events that transpired in my own life that I felt the rest of the world could learn from and relate to. I had to make it about the reader and not only about myself, I wanted everyone to recognize parts of themselves as they flip through the pages and understand that they are not the only ones facing certain circumstances in life and it is okay to go through tough times but we do not have to find a place and reside there permanently.

I have received a few questions from the PR team that they thought would be of interest to you with regards to the book which I agreed to answer in this post.


1.What is the meaning of the book title?

2. Who is your favorite character in the book?

3. How long was the writing process for this book?

4. What was the most difficult part about writing the book?

5. Why did you choose this book cover specifically?


1. She lives to conquer explains the power of a woman and her ability to over come all obstacles in life.

2. My favorite character is Samkelo who is Princess’s best friend, I love her specifically because of her selfless attitude and her free spirit. She always makes the best out of life and has a lot of love to give; I see parts of myself in her.

3. The overall process of publishing this book was more or less 4 months.

4. The most difficult part was consistency and coming up with characters which would fit into the story line without changing the whole narrative.

5. When it came to creating the cover, the most important part was getting something that would help sell the story before the person even starts reading the book. Something to compliment the title and when I saw a picture of a rose blossoming on snow next to a train track , I was immediately sold as that was a visual representation of rising through your challenges regardless of the environment you find yourself in.

I had a lot of fun creating this book and I hope my readers will fall in love with the story when they finally get to read it.

With that in mind I believe we can all benefit from reading this book, which is available from the following digital retailers, some of which offer a preview:

To stay updated about the book or more of my projects you can subscribe to my website or follow my author page on Instagram.

That is it from me for today/


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