A state of mind…

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the words “happiness is a state of mind” and I believe we have all read or heard these profound words somewhere before but what do they really mean? How about we take a moment to actually dissect this statement for the enlightenment of all parties involved. We first need to find the meaning of happiness and understand being happy means to each of us on a personal level. According to my observation not everyone classifies their happiness in the same category.

For an instance a friend of mine believes that she is at her happiest when there is food involved or a cousin of mine who is extremely happy when they have money to spend and then there is a colleague who is happy when they are around family, you see all of this is personal and identifies to each individual at their own level. Now it is safe to assume that these people believe if any of the aforementioned things are not existent in their lives there is a chance that thy might not be happy. This is where the mind comes in, there is a lot of other things in their lives that more or less contribute to their overall emotional wellbeing but because they have convinced themselves that this is where their happiness lies they roll with it.

It took me a long time to understand this concept but once I sat down with my thought I began to recognize a few patterns in my life, for starters, I used to be part of the group of people that hats Mondays because let’s face it they suck right? not precisely we just like to think that way and we have most of our lives.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mondays and they are like any other day of the week except of course that they rudely interrupt our weekends, once I started waking up with the mentality that “today is going to be a good day and the start of a really great week” everything changed for me and Mondays for me are not as horrible anymore. I honestly think that if you say something to yourself over and over again you end up believing it to be true even when it is not hence why I say happiness is indeed a state of mind.

I get why therapists would advice us to keep only happy thoughts or positive thoughts because that energy just rubs off all the aspects of our lives, it keeps us in good spirits and makes us less miserable. obviously not everyday is a great day because of the few minutes or hours that are sometimes too trying to be happy moments this is when we are allowed to take a time out and dwell in the moment of our unhappiness but after that we need to get our head back in the game and keep moving. Try starting your days with positive daily mantras to set the tone and see how much more bearable your days are.

I do not want to sound like a therapist or anything but do keep the positive thoughts and train your mind to see the silver lining in everything. More happiness and less worrying, there is no need to be miserable over things we cannot change therefore why not focus on all the good that is in the world instead. Put a stop to any negative thought that pops in your mind from time to time and tell yourself that there is no room for bad vibes in your day. Everything feels so much better when you have peace of mind.

Let us find those daily mantras , reasons to be happy and positive thoughts for the betterment of ourselves. In that same spirit remember that you are loved, needed, important and special.

And hey remember “all good vibes”

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