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Storytime and a big reveal

Sorry I went AWOL

It has been a good few weeks since we last connected while I missed you all dearly, you will be much more understanding of the reason why much later in this entry so keep reading…

I wanted to give you a little back story first of where I was, where I have been and where I am right at this beautiful moment so around this time a year ago I had a normal 9 to 5 job while pursuing my degree in Financial Accounting Sciences as we all know juggling school plus work is an extreme exercise however for me, I was much more happier with my studying while work on the other hand was devastating to a point where by I thought about quitting a couple of times. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had to have that job because there are a lot of things I managed to do for myself while I was still there although I was unhappy and at the brink of my anxiety I was able to provide for myself.

I would drag myself out of bed every morning and look forward to knock off time when I have just arrived at the office. I cannot tell you how many times I actually used to go to the bathroom to cry and then pull myself together go back to my desk to serve the clients as if nothing had just happened, they say fake it until you make it right? I used to appreciate the weekend so much I didn’t want it to end this was the type of life I was living. A bubble full of heavy emotions ready to just burst but on days when I felt like not showing up I remembered why I was there and what I still need to achieve so I had no option but to keep going. The actual work was great, it was the environment, its culture and certain people who made the job unbearable. God bless my sister for always listening to me complain and vent every evening when I got home without actually getting tired of my pointless work drama, she was clued up on everything you would swear she worked there.

I really needed someone to share the load with and I had that in her also in my boyfriend, they knew my struggle and walked me through it. Fast forward to December when I lost the job and allow me to say that is the best thing that has happened to me, the relief I felt the first few weeks I was home were absolutely blissful even though there was a question of what I was going to do next now that I was without a job meaning I had no monthly income, it was about to be challenging but like I always tell my mom; God always provides because he promised that he will never forsake us. Things were tough but I do not remember a night where I went to bed hungry or when I have lacked the basic necessities for that I will be eternally grateful.

Earlier this year while I was doing my daily social media check in and updates I received an online business opportunity from one of my Instagram followers (A lovely lady she is) which needed no money for you to get started and i took advantage of it because I needed to have an income, it was hard at first but once I got my first customer more started to come for once I enjoyed the pleasure of being my own boss, working my own hours and setting my own pay. There are still a few things that I want to achieve in the business along with growing my team but so far the journey has been amazing this was all after I started this blog which has been doing very well all thanks to all of you. From being that miserable person with a 9 to 5 who was not happy with her job I became an independent and much more stable person. I also started my journey as a brand influencer which is a lot of work but is so much fun to do and it pays well also gets you amazing products to try out, it is more play than it is work but it is definitely a job therefore I treat it as such.

In the midst of all this and working on my anxiety, I am very happy and content with where i am right now. That brings me to the end of story time now moving on to the BIG REVEAL

I have been working on a project which is my first big one and I could not be more proud of myself. In the past few months or weeks that I have not been working on this platform regularly I have been writing a book which I am happy to announce that will be in store on the 31st of July 2020 (save the date). It is a non-fiction and semi fiction book titled ; She lives to conquer: Always fight to win and it is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

To find out more about the book you can visit my new website and to get updates about the release or future projects. So if you have been looking for a new read you just got one-you are welcome.

I will pop in more often to post but it might not be as often because I am still working hard for the bok release. I hope you are still staying safe and taking all necessary precautions for your health.

Thank you for always showing me love and support.

Lots of Love

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